Bob Glessner

With Rick’s help and encouragement I have lost 70 pounds and can now do things that I never dreamed I could do before. He is a terrific trainer and has become a good friend as well. If you are looking to get back into shape I cannot recommend Rick enough!


Tonia Zens

I haven’t really posted anything about my weight loss/ workout journey but here’s a few pictures to show you how far I’ve come. I have a long ways to go but I know with Rick Reppin assistance at Xland Fitness I will continue to get stronger and smaller!!


I’ve been doing one-on-one strength training with Rick since August 2020.  With his help, I’ve improved my balance, increased my strength, and most importantly for me, managed to maintain a significant weight loss.  In April, 2022, I had thumb CMC joint arthroplasty to relieve arthritis pain in my right hand.  The surgery went very well, but I had to wear a brace, and movement of my hand and wrist were very limited, as were the weight restrictions.  Rick revised my work out regiment to accommodate these restrictions, while still allowing me to strengthen the rest of my body, and I worked with a hand therapist to regain range of motion.  At four weeks, the hand therapist was amazed at how excellent my recovery was going.  At 6 weeks, I had full range of motion, and could lay my hand flat on a table.  Neither of these achievements were expected for several more weeks, and according to the hand therapist, take some patients months to achieve.  I attribute my fast recovery to the strengthening I’ve been doing at XLand Fitness with Rick for the past 2 years.  Even though I don’t lift much over 15 lbs, and I’ll never be a body builder, the strength I’ve gained in my arms and wrists were a definite plus going into the surgery, and helped speed my recovery.  We are now working on regaining the strength in my hand and wrist, and I’ve already met my first “personal” goal: I am able to twist the cap off a bottle, LOL!  I appreciate everything Rick’s done for me, and I am a very satisfied client of XLand Fitness.