The Medical Benefits of ExerciseControl Your WeightLooking to finally meet that healthy weight? Both diet and physical activity play a critical role incontrolling it. Right about this time every year we start to see the New Year’s resolutions dropoff. That “quick fix” that so many people were crossing their fingers for once again fell out ofreach. When it comes to weight management, people vary greatly in how much physical activitythey need, but everyone needs some level of it. You may need to be more active than others toachieve or maintain a healthy weight. We have a clean and roomy exercise area and we offerone on one experiences that will help propel you forward.To maintain your weight: All the major research and evidence shows that physical activity canhelp you maintain your weight over time. However, the exact amount of physical activity neededto do this is not clear since it varies greatly from person to person. It’s possible that you mayneed to do more than the average person’s exercise routine to see the same results. This iswhere having a trained and certified professional helping you reach your goals will come inhandy.To lose weight and keep it off: Getting to and staying at a healthy weight requires both regularphysical activity and a healthy eating plan. There are a lot of sources out there that all say thesame thing in a slightly different font, but to see real results you need to cut out the middleman.Find the people who are qualified to write these articles and learn from them. You can find us onFacebook or call us to set up an appointment.Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular DiseaseHeart disease and stroke are two of the leading causes of death in the United States. Butgetting at least 150 minutes a week (2 hours and 30 minutes) of moderate-intensity activity canput you at a lower risk for these diseases. You can reduce your risk even further with morephysical activity. Regular physical activity can also lower your blood pressure and improve yourcholesterol levels. The one statistic that people don’t mention enough for this is once you startto workout, it gets easier. Working to get and stay healthy gets easy and you’ll be able to handlemore as time goes on. All you need to do is get started and keep moving. We can help you takethat first step, just give us a call.Reduce Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic SyndromeRegular physical activity can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and metabolicsyndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a condition in which you have some combination of too muchfat around the waist, high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, or high bloodsugar. Research shows that lower rates of these conditions are seen with 120 to 150 minutes (2hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes) a week of at least moderate-intensity aerobic activity. And themore physical activity you do, the lower your risk will be.Already have type 2 diabetes? Have no fear, regular physical activity can help control yourblood glucose levels. Some diabetics can live their life free of extra medication by just keepingtheir weight under control.Want to learn more about the Healthy side of Exercise? Call us and set up your firstappointment today.