XLand Fitness Services in Oglesby, IL

Mobile Services

Online Fitness Training/Nutrition

Rick can get you fit anywhere

Keep the guess work out of what works. Let XLand Fitness write a workout & nutrition program customized for your schedule and needs.
Personal Training

Personal Training

Rick wants to get you ripped

XLand Fitness will help you train and reach your personal goals. Get fit today!

Group Classes

Triple A Smart Group Class

This class is designed to work Arms, Abs, and Glutes.

The Power Hour.

This is a total body group class.

P90x Classes

Rick will teach you the ways of P90x. P90X uses the science of Muscle Confusion to constantly challenge your body with new moves androutines. Results never plateau, which means getting you in better shape in less time.
P90x Classes
In Home Training

In-Home Training

Rick can bring the class to your home

XLand Fitness brings it all to you. Workout in the comfort of your home.

About XLand Fitness and P90x Classes

XLand Fitness is a private fitness studio where we teach one-on- one personal training. Private, in a sense, that it’s just you and your fitness trainer working one-on-one to reach your goals. You don’t have to worry about others watching your every move because we operate by appointments. If that’s not your style we also offer group classes. Our objective is to make sure everything is done to ensure the client is 100% satisfied, while keeping it fun and enjoyable. We also offer MOBILE services (rates may vary) where we bring the workout sessions to your home or office.Rick Reppin is a 5+ year veteran of the fitness industry. His studies and practical experiences have guided his methods. His continual thirst for knowledge along with his practical training experiences including years as a professional fitness trainer. From working with smaller private fitness clubs, to one of the largest chains in the industry, Rick continues to use his unique understanding of the health and wellness industry as a way to develop unique training products and services that appeal to different individual needs.Today Rick continues to work on creating exciting products and ever-changing programs geared to those that are looking to become healthier and happier in their lifestyle. The boundaries of his own training and education is continually pushed, looking to surpass previous goals. This is the beginning of his creativity when it comes to the health industry and his energy is boundless.At Xland our goals are simple.  We want to see you achieve all of your fitness goals whether you are trying to lose weight, tone up, add muscle or just get into the best shape of your life!  We are here to help you gain the confidence you have always wanted.  Not sure you can do all the moves? Rick can modify them. If you have an old sports injury or not ready for the full workout, we can make changes that will help.  Xland is not just a place to work out, it is a place to feel comfortable while reaching your fitness goals.
Picture of two people exercisingAnd if you’re just wanting to get totally ripped using America’s most effective extreme fitness program we offer P90X®. As a Certified P90X® Professional, I can show you the best way to get in the best shape of your life—safely and effectively—with valuable shortcuts and proven techniques that deliver maximum results.Need modifications? Have an ambitious goal? I promise you that, together, we’ll break through your plateaus and make sure you get the results you always wanted. Contact us for class details or one-on-one training! Get Reppin’ with Rick today!

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